Transportation & Logistics

Luft Industrie Inc. offers freight services that rival larger companies. We work with top-notch freight forwarders who utilize their network of international and domestic carriers to obtain competitive freight rates and transit times.

By negotiating excellent costs, ensuring compliance and being prompt with deadlines, we have been very successful in providing high quality and time-effective service for our clients.

Some examples of our transportation and logistic offerings are:

  • Freight logistics: Ocean, air, and inland transportation. Customs clearance, freight routing and distribution.
  • Customs bonded: Compliant with U.S. Customs and fully bonded
  • Insured: Ocean transit insurance. Products are covered in the unforeseen event that they are damaged during transit.
  • HTS Code review and compliance: Ensure that goods are classified correctly by their HTS Code and applicable duty rate.
  • Document Review: Prior to submitting shipping, export, or import documents, they are reviewed for accuracy. This limits any potential delays associated with U.S. Customs clearance. Many times, goods are U.S. Customs-cleared prior to their arrival at port.