About Us

Luft Industrie Inc. was created to fill an ever-growing need to design, develop, and source high quality products from global suppliers. With our corporate office in California, and satellite offices in Taiwan and China, Luft Industrie Inc. can successfully manage every aspect of the product development and manufacturing life cycle.

The Luft Industrie Inc. team has dozens of years of combined experience and knowledge. We have sourced, designed, developed, and/or manufactured products for clients such as: The Honest Company, Sephora, Anisa International, Ste Michelle Wine Estates, and Old Navy.

Our principles of honesty and integrity, along with years of hard work, have allowed Luft Industrie Inc. to build a strong supplier base and network of partners. In turn, we have been able to provide our clients with superb services, well designed high-quality products at competitive prices, and many times an accelerated speed-to-market.

What can we make for you today? To find out how we can be of service to your organization, contact us at contact@luftindustrie.com.


Oliver Albers



Barbara Ty

Project Manager


Lena Setzermann

Project and Brand Manager


Yanmie Yan

Purchasing and Logistic


Stella Lee

Industrial Designer