The key to Luft Industrie’s all-encompassing global sourcing business model is its foundation – a solid vendor and manufacturing base.

The majority of the vendors we work with are our direct strategic partners. These long-standing, honest, mutually beneficial relationships give us leverage to be successful in a highly competitive market.

We have expertise in cost negotiations and cost-issue resolution. We constantly work with our vendors and manufacturers to ensure quality, safety, compliance, and ultimately - the overall satisfaction of  our clients.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in comprehensive production management. Our knowledge of industry “best practices” enables us to streamline product development and production to meet our clients’ objectives in a timely manner.

Depending on the details surrounding each project, we are able to identify the most qualified vendors, and often source with several suppliers at a time to guarantee the best possible quality and price for the project.

Our experience in the retail industry enables us to provide guidance on material selection and fabrication, along with packaging ideation and design across a variety of product categories.

Nearly two decades of global sourcing experience from a client, vendor, agent, and manufacturer perspectives have instilled in us the necessity of being proactive – monitoring and troubleshooting throughout the sourcing, development, and manufacturing process.

The greatest way we can measure our success is through the success of our clients.