Product Development & Manufacturing

Superb design must be balanced with a strategically sound product development and manufacturing life cycle. Luft Industrie ensures this with a focus on the following key areas:

  • 3D Prototyping and sampling: In-house 3D rapid printing and prototyping greatly decreases concept-to-market timing. Our vendors also understand the urgency surrounding launching a new product, and they work to support this by offering quick sample turn around.
  • Accurate total product costing: Packaging, testing, as well as logistical costs are often an afterthought in the development of a new product. Luft Industrie Inc. strives to ensure that all product costs are captured in the quote to ensure complete cost transparency.
  • Production management: Our staff works closely with our vendor partners to meet deadlines, improve efficiency,  and trouble-shoot, any manufacturing challenges. This allows us to consistently supply products of superb quality, consistency, and safety..
  • Quality controls and Assurance: Goods are routinely inspected during the manufacturing process and at final stages prior to shipping, ensuring that standards and requirements for each product are met.

Keeping a client’s exposure very low is another one of our main priorities. We work with well-established vendor partners who have a long history of success in the marketplace. Product safety and quality are our utmost concerns.

  • Product Regulatory and Performance Testing Management: Luft Industrie Inc. uses 3rd party accredited testing laboratories such as MTS, SGS, and Intertek. Products are tested to all applicable Federal and State regulations and requirements (i.e. Cal Prop 65, CPSIA, FDA, etc). Products can also be tested for performance based on requirements from our clients.