Design & Prototyping

Design is what often distinguishes a product and sets it apart from the competition. Our product and industrial designers are well versed in manufacturing and finishing techniques that result in well-designed and functional products that meet (and most times exceed) client requirements and expectations

Our creative services include:

  • Conceptual illustrations
  • Full line creation
  • Product specifications drawings
  • 3D product modeling and rendering
  • Packaging design
  • Research and development

Moreover, our designers have their fingers on the pulse of upcoming styles and trends, which transitions into creative and innovative designs that clients can showcase to both domestic and international customers to maintain their competitive edge.

We are well versed in designing products in a wide range of categories, including (but not limited to): Personal care accessories, cosmetic accessories, home furnishings and accessories, children/baby items, point-of-sale displays, jewelry, sporting goods, and textiles.